Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Plans for the Future

Once I lose all my weight, I plan to pay it forward just like the theme for Biggest Loser this year.  I grew up in Philly and every time I visit the city, I see people getting fatter and fatter and the ages of these people are getting younger and younger.  The most disturbing part is most of the obese people are young African American women!  I'm outrage at the sight of children learning bad habits from their parents and parents teaching their children what they've learned.  However, I understand they feed their children based on their income and what they can afford.  Sometimes, it's what's affordable. You can say all you want it's not as expensive to eat healthy but I disagree.  I know from experience that it's hard to feed your children  on an one income home.  I am one of six children and my mother was a stay at home mom who stretched food to make it last.  My father worked hard everyday to provide food for his family but sometimes it wasn't enough.  They did not believe in living on the system and that's commendable but they forced my mother to do what she had to ensuring every child had three meals a day. 

My goal, once I've reached my personal goal, is to help these women and men who are single mothers and fathers teach their children how to live healthy productive successful lives while on a budget.

Paying it forward has always been a goal of mine.  It saddens my heart to see so many young people in the city go through what I've endured as a child.  If anyone out there reading my blog then I need your help.  I need your encouragement so that I can reach my personal goal to help better my community. Let me know you're out there and if your goal is to lose weight, lets do it together.  Lets be weight loss buddies!

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  1. Feel free to follow my blog for motivation! I have been working on a healthier lifestyle for a year and a half now. I am half way there! I would love to be motivation and support for you.

    I think it is great that you would like to pay it forward!