Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and the food was oh so good!  I only had a plate and a half and still couldn't finish all my food.  I'm so glad I decided to start my challenge after Thanksgiving because I don't think I would've stuck to my challenge on Thanksgiving day.  Yesterday people kept asking me "When are you starting?"  Maybe it's because of all the food I ate or maybe it's because they're excited for me but either way I have family and friends and my blogger readers and Facebook group and most importantly my husband excited and ready for me to start.  December 1, 2010!  SO EXCITED!

Anyway, today my husband said he's interested in seeing how I handle Christmas dinner.  I told him simple, I going to eat a little, very little, and move on.  I got one of the best pieces of advice from one of the women in my Facebook group.  She said her doctor told her if she wants a piece of chocolate cake then to eat it but not the entire slice and to make it a reward for something accomplished.  This is really an awesome piece of advice!   My goal isn't to starve myself but to teach myself how to control my eating habbits.  Therefore, when my husband made that statement, I knew excatly what I was going to do for Christmas.  Eat little and enjoy the food before me without seconds...or thirds.

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