Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day Twenty-nine - Weigh-in #5

Today was a very eventful day.  To start, I weighed myself and I currently weigh 322!  Awesome!  I lost five pounds during Christmas week and I ate at three family members houses!  How awesome is that?  When I stepped off that scale, I had to do a little praise dance and shout my way out of the bathroom.  I thank God for this loss because I thought I was going to lose another three pounds but thanks be to God for helping me stay focused this week. 

Another awesome thing happened today is the camera my husband ordered me for Christmas finally came today.  I started taking pictures like crazy of anything I could find.  My camera is so awesome that I had to include some pictures in this blog.

I'm cooking ground turkey with fresh garlic, red peppers and onions for my baked Ziti

Southern kale with garlic, pepper, Cayenne pepper, 1/2 teaspoon salt

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day Twenty-eight - When say jump you better ask, "How high?"

Growing up in the inner city, kids were always outside playing games, jumping or sitting on their steps.  Remember playing a game called red light green light?  How about helicopter?  How about  jumping double dutch? 

Growing up, my siblings and I weren't allowed outside very often because of the neighborhood we lived in (very bad) and because my parents didn't want bad kids to influence us negatively.  My older sister and I missed out on a lot of childhood games played outside but by the time we were twelve and thirteen, our four younger siblings played outside on a pretty normal basis and we were allowed to also, with parental montorint of course. It wasn't until this age that I learned most of these games from other kids.

When I was about fourteen, my cousin, who is about twelve years my senor, taught me and my three sisters how to jump double dutch.  We use to go to the park with my mother and grandmother all the time and jump rope but it was always single not double dutch.  Anyway, somehow my cousin caught wind that we couldn't jump double dutch and she proceeded to teach us; however, I was the only one how caught on, my other sisters hated playing double dutch (on a regular basis I would force them to turn the rope so I cold jump).  I remember jumping rope and my cousin told me to pick up my feet and I was.  I felt as if I jumped any higher, I would jump into heaven!  Well, here it is twenty something years later and I forgot how to jump rope.

Last week I decided to get a jump rope because I loved jumping rope as a teenager.  I wasn't very good at it but I didn't care.  I just loved to jump rope.  Anyway, I ordered one from and tried it out as soon as the mail came.  Well, my two little nieces were at my house, they're one and two years of age by the way, and as they sat on my couch and watched me.  No big deal.  As the rope swing over my head I thought to myself, "I'm free! I'm jumping again!"  The rope began to approach my feet and now it was my turn jump up to heaven like I did as a kid.  As the rope approached my feet, I propelled my body into the air and the jump rope stopped at my toes.  I thought I was a little rusty and decided to try again, and again, and again without success all while my nieces sat on my couch and stared at me.  Well, that was the end of that little embarrassing moment.  Thank God their too young to judge me! lol

Today, I was determined to try again and succeed because failure is not an option for me but instead of just jumping, I decided to hire a coach.  I searched the internet for a lower body stretching videos and found a woman with a jump rope video (how did that happen? don't know). 
Coach Nicole helped me say focus and encouraged to keep going.  Now, obviously if I couldn't jump rope when my two nieces were here, then surely I would not be able to keep up with Coach Nicole.  Her point was to keep moving and if you couldn't do her "advanced" jump rope tricks, then you can stick to the basic up and down jump.  I tried a few of her jumps but I couldn't do them because I was hadn't accomplishing the basic up and down jump! I didn't give up though.  I kept trying and trying until I felt I was reaching heaven.  It took me the entire video just to get a constant jump going that lasted between ten to fifteen seconds.  When I began this video, I could last five seconds but by the end I was almost half way to her thirty second interval jumps.  Although my knees hurt a little and out of breath, I accomplished something today, I jumped, broke my wind (a sports term my brother taught me) and I will be able to do jump rope a little longer tomorrow.  Now of course my jump isn't pretty.  I kind of poke my big butt out, lean forward and jump really hard like a one year old learning how to jump but it works for now. 

The lesson I learned today is that although I couldn't go to the gym because of my phobia of people looking at me, I have resources in my home that I can use to exercise.  My other blog post about me not going to the gym are just excuses for wanting something to happen with me doing as little as possible.  I want to lose weight but I don't want to put in the hard work.  The hard work for me isn't eating the right food as much as it is getting up off the couch and moving.  A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law told me to walk instead of going to the gym.  My excuse was I don't like to be cold.  It's the truth.  I hate being cold!  She said you will warm up and it's only for a little bit.  I just said no.  This just tells me I still have a long way to go before my mind reaches and understand of the desires of my heart.  

Thanks for reading! I know this one was long.  Hopefully I can post pictures and video soon with my new camera my hubby got me for Christmas!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Day Twenty-seven - I Got You Babe!

I started this journey exactly twenty-seven days ago.  When I began, I invited family, friends, strangers, anyone I talked with to follow my journey so they could encourage me and help me with staying on course.  People told me they are going to take the challenge with me to lose weight because they needed to lose ten, twenty, even fifty pounds.  I wasn't expecting anyone to take this challenge with me.  I wasn't even expecting my husband to lose weight with me but he decided, on his own, to lose weight.  Well, here it is twenty-seven days later and the only people I know that are still fighting are me and my husband. 

Let me tell you something, this isn't an easy journey.  Changing your eating habits isn't easy when you're use to eating whatever you want when you want.  Your body goes through withdrawal symptoms.  You crave foods you use to eat:  chips, chocolate, bread, pasta, fried fish, fried chicken, baked mac and cheese, Tastycake and in order to change your mind you have to have a mental battle.  "Why are you losing weight?"  "Will that cake make you feel better?"  You literally talk to yourself until the "good" side of you wins.  Some days it's just a decision but most days it's a fight.

If I was depending on people to help me lose weight, I would've lost thirteen pounds.  Like I told my husband, it's me and him against the world.  We have all we need within ourselves:  God, determination, and will power.  No matter what your goals in life are, don't wait for anyone to get you started or to help you get to your goal.  Pray and ask God to lead and guide you to make the right decisions and just do it.  "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible" -Audrey Hepburn

To eat or not to eat

Christmas has come and gone and mine was awesome! I spent the weekend with family and I enjoyed myself.  Not only did I receive great presents but I also enjoyed the food I ate.  I know you're wondering if I stuffed myself or was I on guard with my eating habits.  Well let's see.  In two day I visited three family members houses and each of them had a really beautiful spread of different food.  At our first stop, my in-law's, my husband I I ate a tablespoon of five or six different types of food.  Before we left our apartment, I told him I don't plan on eating a lot of food but I planned to enjoy myself and that's exactly what I did.  I even planned to get some exercise in! I played the Michael Jackson's dance game with my sisters-in-law (just two dances but hey it counts). 

Our second stop was my sister's house and she had everything from fried fish to Christmas cookies.  I wasn't hungry when we got to my sister's house so I decided to take my food to go.  I did allow myself three or four cookies but that was my extent of eating at my sister's house.  I really don't go to her house to eat.  I go for the conversation and the company of all my family.  However, when I took my food home, I also asked for Christmas cookies.  Well, I think I brought home thirteen cookies and at eleven or twelve by myself. .  Awful, right?! I know but they were so good! I'm still fighting to over come my addiction to junk food but junk food and I have been dating for twenty plus years.  That's not a relationship you just walk away from without a little baggage (okay, maybe a lot of baggage lol).  Anyway, I'm still a junkaholic and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  The good thing is that I didn't get out of control with other junk food.  Thank God I didn't keep eating junk and I stopped at the cookies.  The old me would have said to myself, "Well, you might as well keep going" and I would've ate everything I could find.  Although I let go on Christmas and OD'd on Christmas cookies, I didn't allow myself to keep going and that is a victory. Thank you Jesus!

The finally place we visited during our Christmas weekend was aunt and uncle's house.  They had a little family gathering on Sunday and I drank water and monitored what I ate.  My aunt and her family had a lot of different food there.  She had Spanish rice and pigs in a blanket, fried chicken, and yes I tasted all three.  Noticed I said "tasted".  There is no reason why I can't enjoy myself  at family gatherings and other events with food that I'm not use to eating anymore and no I don't expect a "special" menu every time someone hears I'm coming to dinner.  My family is very supportive but this change has to take place first in my mind and then it will reflect in my body. 

Well, I hope your Christmas was awesome like mine and I hope you left some food on your plate.  Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bollywood & Zumba Workout

Today, I decided to do my first official workout and to be honest, it was hard but I kept going and got through it.  Instead of doing some boring routine consisting of squats, stretches, and bends, I decided to try a dance workout instead.  Earlier today, I started watching belly dancing on FitTv (Comcast) and thought it was interesting.  I searched On Demand until I found something that was similar and just as fun.  Low and behold I stumbled upon Back 2 Bollywood! This is an example of the type of dance moves I performed today.
Anyway, I thought this Bollywood exercise would be easy and simple especially since it was only fifteen minutes.  Well, the joke was on me.  This dance had me out of breath and hurting by the end of the workout!  I was surprised and excited.  I'm not going to lie like those infomercials and say I didn't notice I was working out because I was having so much fun dancing.  You know that's a lie.  I mean, I'm a big girl lol. I felt like I was exercising and it wasn't easy because I was in pain but I just kept saying it's only fifteen minutes and I got through it. 

After I completed Back 2 Bollywood, I wanted to try Zumba.  I heard of Zumba and saw the commercials and it looks fun.  Well, Comcast On Demand only had one six minute video session, which was disappointing.  I attempted to do the Cuban Salsa with the instructors and their background dancers with their flat stomachs and perfectly shaped bodies and their hips moving seductively from side to side but um yeah I was totally out of my comfort zone.  I consider myself to have rhythm. I mean I'm black and even though not all black people have rhythm, I DO!  You can ask my mother if you don't believe me.  I've been dancing since I could walk but this Cuban salsa was no joke.  Most times I was on beat with the music but then other times my body was moving without me giving it instructions! LOL  The Zumba workout  wasn't as intense as the Bollywood workout but like I said it was only six minutes.  Tomorrow I am going to do both workouts again until I master the moves and move my hips like a skinny chick in a fat girl's body!

Day Twenty Two - Week 3 Free from the Thirties!

That's right! I'm out of the 30's! I now weigh 327!  I'm celebrating because I was quickly approaching 340 pounds before I started and now that number is quickly starting to fade further and further away from me.  Just think, soon I will be posting that I'm completely out of the 300s! Awe man, that's going to be an awesome day to celebrate and I can't wait! I can see myself smaller and at a good healthier weight of 235 pounds. Yes, I now that's still big and fat but considering where I started I say 100 pounds lighter isn't bad. 

Have you ever envisioned yourself at your goal weight?  I have.  I think that's key to weight loss and anything in life.  First, you must have a vision.  Once you have a vision you have to remember it and I don't know about you but I have trouble remembering things.  To commit to what I really want to do, not write it down (hence the blog).  If your having trouble accomplishing something in life, I implore you to write it down and store it in a safe place (or start a blog).  Habakkuk 2 teaches us to write the vision and make it plain so when someone reads it they will run and tell someone.  Also, if you hold on and hold strong to the promises of God, then the vision will come to pass even if it seams as if it's taking too long, the vision will come to pass.

This is why I'm holding on to every promise from God for my life and why I'm holding on to losing weight also.  I know that once I get my eating habits in order, it will start a domino effect and things will start to fall into place.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day Eighteen - Taste Buds

Today my husband and I and a couple of friends celebrated my husband's birthday and it was awesome! We saw Tron and went to a Hibachi and we ate good!  As you know, the weekend is the only time we're allowed to cheat on our "diet".  At the movies, I wanted some Charleston chew and cheese twist so that's what I had but the taste wasn't the same.  The cheese twist was really salty and the candy was extra sweet.  I was so disappointed because these are junk food that I love to eat but struggled eating them today.  I asked my husband if the junk food taste different and he said yes and that his popcorn tasted extra salty.  This wasn't the first time I noticed a change in my taste buds in the last couple of weeks.

It seams as if food taste better to me and I can taste EVERY ingredient.  Since we started eating healthier, eating less junk and less sugar, my taste buds has come alive! Instead of just eating food, I'm experiencing food and it's ingredients.  When I place a piece of food on my tough, a symphony of flavors begin to make music in my mouth.  Just as you listen to a symphony and hear every section, I taste every favor now and it's amazing.  I can't remember the last time I was able to enjoy food beyond the point of eating to experiencing.  I'm glad I started this journey!  It's really opening my eyes and my taste buds!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day Fifteen - Week 2 Weigh-in

This morning I woke up excited and nervous about the weigh-in.  I had a ruff week and I knew I was going to lose weight but it wasn't going to be as much as I wanted.  As I got on the scale my prayer was for weight loss not a big number.  Anything over one pound would be great, Jesus. So, I got on the scale, waited for those numbers to finish running and BAM I lost three pounds! Thank you Jesus for a loss!

I had a ruff week and thought my weight loss would be low and it was.  I'm okay with three pounds but I need to step it up.  I really need to get over my fear of the gym and people looking at me when I exercise and be like Nike and just do it.  This is exactly what I'm going to do.  Tomorrow at 6 a.m. I going to the gym and work out for at least 30 minutes.  JUST DO IT!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day Thirteen - Revelation from the Pulpit

Yesterday in church Apostle Moorefield spoke on many things but one thing he said stood out for me.  He said if you have the Holy Spirit then He speaks to you and tells you when you're doing something wrong.  For example, if you are an alcoholic and you stopped drinking but sometimes you get tested.  Maybe at an office party or when you're at dinner with friends.  The Holy Spirit will tell you "Hey! You know you you shouldn't have that drink".  Now, if Christians profess to have the Holy Spirit, those Christians that believe in Him, then why do we choose to continue to do the wrong thing? This got me thinking about Christian fatties like myself.

I've been in church since before I was born.  My father is a pastor and he and my mother taught us the Bible as children very well.  We, my siblings and I, learned of the Holy Spirit early in my life and I believe in Him and his presence in my live.  I've encountered the Holy Spirit in my life several times especially when I was about to do something I had no business doing but like my weight, I ignored Him because I thought the benefit of instant gratification was better than future consequences.  I, and any other Christians, should learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and his guidance in every aspect of our live.  If we do, we will not be broke, fat, depressed or have anger issues. My ears are open and NOW I'm listening more than ever.

Day Fourteen - Biggest Loser

Tomorrow is my second weigh-in and I'm super excited for several reasons.  First, Sunday in church, a very nice woman asked me if I lost weight and I shouted a resounding, "YES!"  She gave me all these complements and my head grew bigger and bigger with every complement.  I never told her I was attempting to lose weight, either! We were just two big girls in the bathroom at church tucking our fat rolls into our Spanks.  I told her she made my day and left the ladies room smiling from ear to ear like the fat chessy cat from Alice in Wonderland.  

Second, today I visited my family, who I hardly see except for a few times a month, and all of them said they see my weight loss in my face and stomach.  This made me really happy because mama doesn’t lie.  My mother told me I look smaller and to keep going.  Those little words of encouragement gave me strength to keep going and keep pursuing.

Finally, I was watching the Biggest Loser tonight and it was amazing to see how far the contestants have lost in seven months.  Some of them said they lost the weight for their families, for their health and for themselves. The reason for losing weight for their children and families was repeated in almost every contestant, especially the male contestants.  As they replayed each of their speeches as to why they needed to lose weight, they got teary eyed.  As I watched them, I couldn't help but to think, "Why?"  Why didn't my father have the same mind as the fathers on this show to drop some weight so he could live a healthier life?  When he was diagnosed with diabetes in 1980, why didn't he take the initiative to lose weight so he could be around longer for his family? 

Anyway, because of this episode and my father's weight and health problems, I thought about the dozens of reasons why I dropped the Tastykake and picked up an apple because losing weight for my future children is more important to me than five minutes of a sugary treat.  I want to give them the best start I can possibly offer when it come to matters of life but especially health.  I want my children to want fruit over candy and vegetables over pizza.  I want them to know they have choices and make the correct choices 90% of the time and I want it to continue into their adult lives. 

Also, I don't want my kids to be at fault for my poor eating habits and what could happen if I don't lose weight and make myself healthy.  I have no desire for them put their lives on pause because I need someone to stay at home and cook and clean for me because I can't see from the diabetes or walk because my toes have been removed due to that slow suicide disease.  I have my reasons for fighting the battle of the fatty and I WILL win because I have God, my husband and my family supporting me. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Husband's Progress

My husband started this weight loss challenge with me because we both could stand to lose a little weight and we both want to be healthier.  It's great having him with me because we "feed" off of one another.  If he doesn't eat something I won't eat it either and vise verse.  It's been a challenge for both of use because we're use to just eating whatever, when ever we want.  Now that we're teaching ourselves discipline in our eating habits, we find ourselves eating more food and enjoying different types of food.  Our motto is, try it and if we don't like it then we don't eat it.  So, my fridge is full of foods that we typically wouldn't eat or that we've ate when we were kids but didn't like. 

For example, I've read cottage cheese is a good source of protein.  Last week I brought cottage cheese, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries and served it as part of our breakfast.  My husband looked at the mixture really funny and made a dozen faces but I said just try it.  If we don't like the taste we don't have to eat it.  Well, we HATED it!  It was so nasty and sour!  YUCK!  Nastiest thing I've ever ate but the point is we tried cottage cheese.   

Even though we're watching what we eat, we still enjoy whatever we want.  Yesterday my church had a Christmas Party and for desert we had a piece of German chocolate cake and Saturday we had two pieces of chocolate candy.  Our plan isn't to deny ourselves from enjoying life.  Instead, our plan is to enjoy life completely and to the fullest and as long as God will allow us.  On the weekends, we indulge a little in treats and this helps us stay on track.

By doing this, I've lost 7 pounds, as you all know, and my husband lost 8 pounds.  He lost 8 pounds by eating more of the right food and indulging less in the wrong foods.  I'm extremely proud of him for sticking to this weight loss journey!  By the end of December, we're both going to look really awesome!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day Eleven - Relapse

Yesterday I had  a bit of a relapse.  I had several slices of pizza that threw off my good eating habits, my eating times, and made me hungry at 10 p.m.  This was my first relapse since I started my life changing journey but it's not the fact that I had pizza, it's how much pizza I ate.  I ordered spinach pizza with thin crust and white cheese from Domino's and it was delicious but because the slices were cut into squares, I wasn't sure how much pizza I was eating and before I knew it, I hate half of the pizza!  Talk about oink!

I can offer a dozen of reasons, which are ultimately are excuses,  as to why I ate that many slices of pizza instead I'm going to tell the truth.  My focus is slightly off this week.  I noticed Thursday that I was eating a little more than normal, or my new normal rather, and sometimes it's unconscious.  So, in an effort to keep myself focus, every Wednesday after my weigh-in, I'm going to remind myself of the reasons why I am doing this challenge.  By doing this, I'm constantly reminded and hopefully this will keep me focused. 

Why do I want to lose weight?  Well, my number one reason is for my health.  I DO NOT want to have diabetes or other health problems ultimately cutting my life short and short changing my husband and my family.  By getting healthier, I won't be a burden on my husband or my future kids.  Also, speaking of my future kids, I want to have children.  I know once I get this weight off, I will be able to get pregnant and have a healthy baby and to be perfectly honest, this is the main reason why I want to lose this weight; however, I know that unless I get healthy, I will not be able to have a child.  I'm going to do this! No, it's DONE!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day Nine - Excerise

Yesterday I weighted in seven pounds lighter and although I'm sure it's water weight a lost is a lost and I'm excited about it. 

Now I'm in week two and I'm still doing the same thing I was doing in week one but I need to increase the intensity of my life changing journey.  Tomorrow I will do my Taebo video for one hour and 30 squats.  If you don't think it's enough, trust me, after Taebo I will be exhausted but I know it's necessary for quicker results and I know I can't get away with not exercising another week.    

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day Eight - Weigh-in

Today is the day I find out if all my hard work has lost me any weight.  At 10:30am, I woke up excited and ready to see if I will be extremely excited or disappointed.  I rolled out of bed, walked to the bathroom and after my morning routine, I got on the scale.  One, two, three, four, five.  I counted while standing on the scale waiting for the numbers to stop moving.  Finally, the numbers stop and the truth was revealed.  I looked down at those numbers that was going to essentially write my fate. The numbers read 333.4!  Awesome!  I lost 7 pounds. SEVEN POUNDS in one week! My life style change is working and I am going to beat this FAT right out of my body! Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day Seven

Tomorrow will make a week since I started this challenge and I feel great!  I'm teaching myself discipline and how to choose the right foods over bad ones.  Tomorrow is my first weight-in and hopefully I've lost seven pounds.  If I loose seven pounds, I'm on the right track with what I'm eating and how I'm exercising; however, if I didn't lose seven pounds, I have to review what I'm doing and make changes.  Regardless of how much weight I've lost, I'm still proud of what I've accomplished in the last seven days. 

Although I'm excited about the changes and I can't wait until Marcy 10, 2011, I must say this is really difficult.  Last Thursday I did 30 squats and it was difficult for me to walk for the past three days.  My entire lower body was in excoriating pain!  I took three Morin's and it didn't help me at all!  Today is the first day my lower body hasn't hurt me but I still have a little pain in my calves.  This isn't going to be a pain free experience and I don't like pain but I'm going to continue.

On another note, I'm proud to say my husband is doing the challenge with me.  He's eating less and cutting back on his snacks and he's even reading nutrition labels.  I'm so excited we're doing this challenge together! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day Five

Yesterday I went shopping and brought all fruits and vegetables.  I even brought vegetables and fruits that I normally wouldn't eat like red and brown pears, avocado and pomegranate.  I am attempting to try food I normally wouldn't eat so I can have a better experience with losing weight.  My thinking is if I try it I might like it and if I keep eating it I will eventually love it changing how I view food. 

Although I am not counting every calorie right now, I eat half of everything on my plate.  I feel like I've already lost some weight and I'm excited about the weigh-in on Wednesday.  Just in case you're not sure what foods to buy, here is my shopping list from yesterday.  I will post the recipes as I cook them bu this should give you an idea of the food I'm eating

Shopping List
  1. Fresh beets
  2. Cabbage
  3. Kale
  4. Garlic
  5. Broccoli
  6. Apples
  7. Oranges
  8. Red and Brown Pears
  9. 1% Cottage cheese
  10. Italian Blend Cheese
  11. Blackberries, Raspberries, blueberrys
  12. Chicken brests and Thigs
  13. Salmon
  14. Talapia
  15. Mixed Vegetables
  16. Eggs
  17. Wheat Crackers
  18. Carrots
  19. Celery
  20. Canned tuna
  21. Wheat bread
  22. Wheat English Muffins
  23. Wheat Thin Begals
  24. Oatmeal
  25. Wheat Ritoni
  26. Scallons
  27. Red and Green peppers
  28. Fresh Parsley
  29. Pomegranate
  30. Black Graps

Knowing Your Body Type Equals Weightloss

A few days ago, one of my friends sent me info about knowing your body type to help you lose weight more efficiently. This intrigued me because I know my body type is a "pear" and I know the challenges I have to face when it comes to losing weight.  As I began researching my body type, I've discovered my suspicions about how I have to lose weight and eat right are correct!  So, here are the three different body types with it's scientific name:
  1. The Ectomorph - tall and lean
  2. The Mesomorph - apple shaped
  3. The Endomorph - pear shaped
Since I am an endomorph, I am going to focus this body top. 

The Endomorph typically gain weight quickly and lose weight slowly.  Most of our weight are in the bottom half of our bodies (I nor my husband has a problem with this) making our legs bigger than any other body type.  Our body type is said to be the worse because of these fact but if your married or in a long term relationship, your spouse or significant other should love your lower half because you have curves!  (SIDEBAR:  A few celebrities have the pear shaped body are Beyonce, J Lo, Monique.  This women are beautiful and have curves that kicks butt!  So, if you are in the process of losing weight, you can look similar to these women once you've reached your goal weight.) 

Anyway, in order for us to lose weight we have to eat healthy AND exercise in order to lose weight.  We also have to stay away from white foods, i.e. white rice, white pasta, potatoes, and focus our diets around eating whole grains, beans and vegetables.  The endomorph must eat 4 to 6 small meals a day in order to speed up our metabolism and the carbs we consume, should be eaten in the morning allowing our bodies to work them off throughout the day.

I'm loosely following these guidelines so that I can lose weight quickly and effectively.  Here is the link so you can read about your body type. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day Two - Feeling Good

Today went a little better than yesterday.  I even went to the movies today and didn't eat popcorn or drink soda! Very proud of myself.  Instead I had a sandwich from Subway, 6 in., and I was just as happy eating my sandwich and watching the movie. I'm still optimistic and determined and I can't wait until the new healthier me is "born".

Although I'm only two days in, I feel a change already.  I don't fill stuffed all the time and when I go to bed at night, I'm not uncomfortably stuffed with food.  I used a saucer and not a plate with my food and only drink water.  I know I can do this. Now I just have to work on going to the gym.

I know I'm suppose to go because it will beneficit for me but I just have issues with people being there while I'm at the gym.  I don't like people looking at me excerising because my mind begins to run and I try to think what they are thinking.  I'm going to conquer this thing and I will go to the gym.

I hope you are doing well on your journey.  Drop me a line sometimes and let me know how you are doing. 

Day Two Menu
  • Breakfast
    • 1 cup Cream of wheat with 1 tablespoon butter and 1 1/2 tablespoon sugar
  • Lunch
    • Subway Turkey & ham sandwich with cheese, spinach, cucumbers, red onions and 1 tablespoon lite mayo
    • Water
    • Apple slices (from Subway)
    • Peanut M&M (230 cal)
  • Dinner
    • 1 cup baked mac and cheese
    • turkey breast
    • cabbage
    • water
    • last of sweet potato pie

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

End of Day One

Day one didn't go exactly how I expected it to go but I'm not giving up.  I need to go food shopping so I can plan better but right now I'm minimizing my portions and keeping a close eye on what I eat.  Tonight after an awesome Bible Study, I came home wanting something to eat (out of habit). Now I need to figure out a healthy snack that I can have after church.  I know you might say I shouldn't eat anything but I think if I eat a piece of fruit or carrots or other veggies, I should be fine because they are low in calorie.  Plus, if I save 100 calories for my after church craving I should be fine. 

I really do not want to tell you want I ate today but since the reason for this blog is to make me accountable and the be completely honest, I will tell you. 
  • Breakfast
    • 1 cup oatmeal w/tablespoon sugar
    • 1 Snickers (230) cal
  • Lunch
    • 1 apple
    • 1 slice of homemade sweet potato pi
  • Dinner
    • Mac & Cheese
    • Sweet potatoes
    • Cabbage
    • Ham
  • Snacks
    • Hot Coco
    • Trail mix
    • Sweet potato w/pecan
  • Drinks
    • Water
I know it's bad but I see my problem, not enough veggies and fruits.  I'm proud that I didn't drink soda today because I had my favorite in the fridge, Dr. Pepper.  I'm a work in progress.

Day One - Measurements

Dec. 1, 2010 has finally come!  This morning I weighed myself and took my measurements (with the help of my hubby).  I will weight-in every Wednesday and take my measurements every two weeks on Wednesday.  Here are my starting numbers.

Weight:  339.6
Hips:  62 in
Biceps:  18 in
Calves:  36 in
Thighs: 21.5 in
Bust:   56 in

Today's Scripture: James 1:4
"But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing"