Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 34-35 Insane in the Membrane!

Yesterday, my husband and I did the unthinkable...we tried the Insanity workout by Shawn T!  The reason why it's called Insanity is because you have to lose your mind in order to accomplish the workout.  Do you think I'm exaggerate?  Try it and see.  He begins with a fitness test and it last about twenty minutes.  Every two weeks, you track your improvements on the different exercises he tells you to perform.  My husband was really excited to give Insanity a try, I wasn't but I did it anyway.  If this is what he needs to get exercising, then I'm going to hate it but I'll do it.  So, we begin the workout and it's crazy!  We didn't last more than ten minutes!  My husband did a good job with keeping up with Shawn T's pace but I couldn't.  It's very difficult for me to jump and this man had us jumping and hitting the floor several times.  The reason why it's so difficult is because you do specific exercised for sixty seconds and in those sixty seconds, you have to go a fast as you can, without losing form.  I can totally see this working.  He pushes you really hard but encourage you to take breaks when needed.  His exercise routine is a lot more intense then TaeBo!

Insanity is insane!

My husband really likes Shawn T's approach to getting fit and although we couldn't finish, we started and that's what important.  What's even more exciting is that my husband and I finally worked out together.  I've been trying to get him to workout with me since we've been married.  I'm excited that he wants to exercise and even more excited that he found something that challenge him.  My husband is the type of man that needs a challenge in order for him to stay interested in anything.  This challenges him and if this is want he needs then guess what, I'm going to go insane with insanity!

Before Insanity. yes, I sucked in my stomach! lol

My husband before Insanity. No after pics b/c we were whipped! lol


  1. Im proud of you, keep up the good work...my husband just killed me in tennis....im doing it with you...down here in Atlanta

  2. Great job! Nice to see a couple working out together. Good luck and keep us posted.

  3. I'm new here, it is so inspiring to see you and your husband make this positive change together, I just started bloggin about my future plans to lose weight, my goal is 100 pounds as well. Right now I have my concerns, but see people like you really makes me feel like this can happen for me! And I love your Phillipians verse, its one of my favorites!