Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 40-45 Weigh-in #7 My Confession

I love blogging about my weight loss success because I'm so excited and happy and I give all my success to the Glory of God!  Now, here's my confession.  The last two weeks have been really difficult for me:  family issues, laziness, exhaustion.  I haven't given up, I was just on pause.  I haven't blogged a lot in the past two weeks because if my weight gain and if you've read my previous blog you'll may remember that I'm extremely embarrassed.  For this same reason, I've decided not to blog this week.  Well, I told my husband and he said I have a duty to speak the truth regardless if it's good or bad.  So, last week I weighed myself and gained another four pounds.  Yeah too much junk eating the the past two weeks and not enough exercise but I think my next weigh-in will be a lot better.  No weigh gain!   I'm confident that I can do this.  I'm going to get this flesh in to subjection and then I will be able to move on to another challenge in my life.

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  1. You can do this - get back on track...Don't let this dream die. I believe you when you said you can do this...I know if nobody can - you can.

    Start today....
    Starker Mom