Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 51-55 Talk about Dilemma!

Last weekend my husband wanted to take me out because we haven't been out in a little over a month.  Friday night we went to Mikado Japanese Sushi & Steak House and the food was awesome! Yes, I ate and I ate good.  I had the steak and scallops over rice with mixed vegetables.  My husband opted for steak and chicken along with some sushi.  Saturday we decided to go to the movies to see Dilemma but little did we know we would encounter our own little dilemma.

My husband and I were running late for the movie and by the time we purchased our tickets and popcorn, we missed most of the opening credits.  The theater was small and full.  We proceeded to the back because I thought I saw a few open seats and I did but it was next to people and I don't like sitting next to anyone in the movies.  We decided to sit closer to the screen so we can have some breathing room.  Well, here's the funny part, I went to sit in the seat and couldn't fit! I had to wiggle my big hips into the seat but I still couldn't fit properly.  Finally, I had to sit on the edge of the seat and slide back only to discover that I still wasn't going to fit in the stupid chair.  My only recourse was to pretend as if I was purposely lounging in the chair watching the movie.  Talk about dilemma!  It was embarrassing but not as embarrassing if someone noticed how I was sitting.  How amazing is it that I allowed myself to grow out of a normal size public seat but the fun did not end with the chair.

After the movie, I had to use to restroom.  I walked in the bathroom with several women rushing to relieve themselves of the half gallon soda stuper they drunk themselves into, I had water by the way.  Anyway, I went into one of the stalls and found myself struggling to fit into the freakin' stall!  Great, right?  How did I manage to get into the stall?  Well, like the seat inside the theater, I had to wiggle my way to fit.  In order for me to fit into the stall, I had to straddle the toilet seat, fully clothed of course, do a 360 degree turn just to close the door.  Once I was able to close the door, I thought I would be able to comfortably fit into the stall to handle my business.  Well, I wasn't.  I don't know how I managed but somehow I was able to work out peeing in a very uncomfortable position all while not urinating on myself.  Can you believe this?  As I was peeing, I looked at my hips compared to the size of the width of the stall and I swore I was almost the same size!  I should have used the handicap stall.  No, I'm not in anyway handicap...unless you count a HUGE butt as a handicap! lol

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