Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day Eighteen - Taste Buds

Today my husband and I and a couple of friends celebrated my husband's birthday and it was awesome! We saw Tron and went to a Hibachi and we ate good!  As you know, the weekend is the only time we're allowed to cheat on our "diet".  At the movies, I wanted some Charleston chew and cheese twist so that's what I had but the taste wasn't the same.  The cheese twist was really salty and the candy was extra sweet.  I was so disappointed because these are junk food that I love to eat but struggled eating them today.  I asked my husband if the junk food taste different and he said yes and that his popcorn tasted extra salty.  This wasn't the first time I noticed a change in my taste buds in the last couple of weeks.

It seams as if food taste better to me and I can taste EVERY ingredient.  Since we started eating healthier, eating less junk and less sugar, my taste buds has come alive! Instead of just eating food, I'm experiencing food and it's ingredients.  When I place a piece of food on my tough, a symphony of flavors begin to make music in my mouth.  Just as you listen to a symphony and hear every section, I taste every favor now and it's amazing.  I can't remember the last time I was able to enjoy food beyond the point of eating to experiencing.  I'm glad I started this journey!  It's really opening my eyes and my taste buds!

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