Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day Seven

Tomorrow will make a week since I started this challenge and I feel great!  I'm teaching myself discipline and how to choose the right foods over bad ones.  Tomorrow is my first weight-in and hopefully I've lost seven pounds.  If I loose seven pounds, I'm on the right track with what I'm eating and how I'm exercising; however, if I didn't lose seven pounds, I have to review what I'm doing and make changes.  Regardless of how much weight I've lost, I'm still proud of what I've accomplished in the last seven days. 

Although I'm excited about the changes and I can't wait until Marcy 10, 2011, I must say this is really difficult.  Last Thursday I did 30 squats and it was difficult for me to walk for the past three days.  My entire lower body was in excoriating pain!  I took three Morin's and it didn't help me at all!  Today is the first day my lower body hasn't hurt me but I still have a little pain in my calves.  This isn't going to be a pain free experience and I don't like pain but I'm going to continue.

On another note, I'm proud to say my husband is doing the challenge with me.  He's eating less and cutting back on his snacks and he's even reading nutrition labels.  I'm so excited we're doing this challenge together! 

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