Monday, December 13, 2010

My Husband's Progress

My husband started this weight loss challenge with me because we both could stand to lose a little weight and we both want to be healthier.  It's great having him with me because we "feed" off of one another.  If he doesn't eat something I won't eat it either and vise verse.  It's been a challenge for both of use because we're use to just eating whatever, when ever we want.  Now that we're teaching ourselves discipline in our eating habits, we find ourselves eating more food and enjoying different types of food.  Our motto is, try it and if we don't like it then we don't eat it.  So, my fridge is full of foods that we typically wouldn't eat or that we've ate when we were kids but didn't like. 

For example, I've read cottage cheese is a good source of protein.  Last week I brought cottage cheese, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries and served it as part of our breakfast.  My husband looked at the mixture really funny and made a dozen faces but I said just try it.  If we don't like the taste we don't have to eat it.  Well, we HATED it!  It was so nasty and sour!  YUCK!  Nastiest thing I've ever ate but the point is we tried cottage cheese.   

Even though we're watching what we eat, we still enjoy whatever we want.  Yesterday my church had a Christmas Party and for desert we had a piece of German chocolate cake and Saturday we had two pieces of chocolate candy.  Our plan isn't to deny ourselves from enjoying life.  Instead, our plan is to enjoy life completely and to the fullest and as long as God will allow us.  On the weekends, we indulge a little in treats and this helps us stay on track.

By doing this, I've lost 7 pounds, as you all know, and my husband lost 8 pounds.  He lost 8 pounds by eating more of the right food and indulging less in the wrong foods.  I'm extremely proud of him for sticking to this weight loss journey!  By the end of December, we're both going to look really awesome!

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  1. I am also attempting to lose weight Zipp. I am at my heaviest at 200lbs. I want to drop 50, no more than 60. I have found that when I deny myself certain foods or treats, it fails all the time. I have learned and continue to learn that proportion and moderation is very important. I love Coldstone Creamery icecream. I used to make a trip there 2 sometimes 3 times a week. Now I go no more than twice a month. You can do this because your heart is in it and your husband is supporting you in this endeavor. You both will do just great!