Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day Fourteen - Biggest Loser

Tomorrow is my second weigh-in and I'm super excited for several reasons.  First, Sunday in church, a very nice woman asked me if I lost weight and I shouted a resounding, "YES!"  She gave me all these complements and my head grew bigger and bigger with every complement.  I never told her I was attempting to lose weight, either! We were just two big girls in the bathroom at church tucking our fat rolls into our Spanks.  I told her she made my day and left the ladies room smiling from ear to ear like the fat chessy cat from Alice in Wonderland.  

Second, today I visited my family, who I hardly see except for a few times a month, and all of them said they see my weight loss in my face and stomach.  This made me really happy because mama doesn’t lie.  My mother told me I look smaller and to keep going.  Those little words of encouragement gave me strength to keep going and keep pursuing.

Finally, I was watching the Biggest Loser tonight and it was amazing to see how far the contestants have lost in seven months.  Some of them said they lost the weight for their families, for their health and for themselves. The reason for losing weight for their children and families was repeated in almost every contestant, especially the male contestants.  As they replayed each of their speeches as to why they needed to lose weight, they got teary eyed.  As I watched them, I couldn't help but to think, "Why?"  Why didn't my father have the same mind as the fathers on this show to drop some weight so he could live a healthier life?  When he was diagnosed with diabetes in 1980, why didn't he take the initiative to lose weight so he could be around longer for his family? 

Anyway, because of this episode and my father's weight and health problems, I thought about the dozens of reasons why I dropped the Tastykake and picked up an apple because losing weight for my future children is more important to me than five minutes of a sugary treat.  I want to give them the best start I can possibly offer when it come to matters of life but especially health.  I want my children to want fruit over candy and vegetables over pizza.  I want them to know they have choices and make the correct choices 90% of the time and I want it to continue into their adult lives. 

Also, I don't want my kids to be at fault for my poor eating habits and what could happen if I don't lose weight and make myself healthy.  I have no desire for them put their lives on pause because I need someone to stay at home and cook and clean for me because I can't see from the diabetes or walk because my toes have been removed due to that slow suicide disease.  I have my reasons for fighting the battle of the fatty and I WILL win because I have God, my husband and my family supporting me. 

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