Monday, December 27, 2010

To eat or not to eat

Christmas has come and gone and mine was awesome! I spent the weekend with family and I enjoyed myself.  Not only did I receive great presents but I also enjoyed the food I ate.  I know you're wondering if I stuffed myself or was I on guard with my eating habits.  Well let's see.  In two day I visited three family members houses and each of them had a really beautiful spread of different food.  At our first stop, my in-law's, my husband I I ate a tablespoon of five or six different types of food.  Before we left our apartment, I told him I don't plan on eating a lot of food but I planned to enjoy myself and that's exactly what I did.  I even planned to get some exercise in! I played the Michael Jackson's dance game with my sisters-in-law (just two dances but hey it counts). 

Our second stop was my sister's house and she had everything from fried fish to Christmas cookies.  I wasn't hungry when we got to my sister's house so I decided to take my food to go.  I did allow myself three or four cookies but that was my extent of eating at my sister's house.  I really don't go to her house to eat.  I go for the conversation and the company of all my family.  However, when I took my food home, I also asked for Christmas cookies.  Well, I think I brought home thirteen cookies and at eleven or twelve by myself. .  Awful, right?! I know but they were so good! I'm still fighting to over come my addiction to junk food but junk food and I have been dating for twenty plus years.  That's not a relationship you just walk away from without a little baggage (okay, maybe a lot of baggage lol).  Anyway, I'm still a junkaholic and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  The good thing is that I didn't get out of control with other junk food.  Thank God I didn't keep eating junk and I stopped at the cookies.  The old me would have said to myself, "Well, you might as well keep going" and I would've ate everything I could find.  Although I let go on Christmas and OD'd on Christmas cookies, I didn't allow myself to keep going and that is a victory. Thank you Jesus!

The finally place we visited during our Christmas weekend was aunt and uncle's house.  They had a little family gathering on Sunday and I drank water and monitored what I ate.  My aunt and her family had a lot of different food there.  She had Spanish rice and pigs in a blanket, fried chicken, and yes I tasted all three.  Noticed I said "tasted".  There is no reason why I can't enjoy myself  at family gatherings and other events with food that I'm not use to eating anymore and no I don't expect a "special" menu every time someone hears I'm coming to dinner.  My family is very supportive but this change has to take place first in my mind and then it will reflect in my body. 

Well, I hope your Christmas was awesome like mine and I hope you left some food on your plate.  Thanks for reading!

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